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Wool Foundation Rugs vs Cotton Foundation Rugs when shopping for Oriental Rugs

Wool Foundation Rugs vs Cotton Foundations Rugs. This is not a question that arises very often amongst consumers shopping for area rugs. It is something to keep in mind when selecting your next hand knotted rug. Although it may come across many as a very minutiae detail, but it can make quite the difference when picking your next area rug. PV Rugs is here to give you a break down on wool foundation rugs vs cotton foundation rugs.

Cotton Foundation Rugs

Cotton Foundation Oriental Rug Scottsdale AZ Wool Foundation Rugs vs Cotton Foundation Rugs PV Rugs
New oriental rug with a cotton foundation

Nowadays most hand-knotted pile rugs are constructed with a cotton foundation. Cotton is a great material for use in the foundation of pile rugs, due to its stability and strength of the fiber. Another key trait of cotton is that it is a very breathable material, which is a perfect fit when using as the foundation of the rug. Most cotton foundation rugs will have a wool pile, which in our opinion is the most ideal material for the pile of a rug. The opposite can be said about the pile of a rug. When it comes to showing dirt and fighting off dirt, cotton falls short compared to a wool rug. For this reason, you will seldom find the pile of a rug constructed of cotton. The pile of a rug is where wool shines.

Wool Foundation Rugs

Wool Foundation Oriental Rug Scottsdale AZ Wool Foundation Rugs vs Cotton Foundation Rugs PV Rugs
new oriental rug with a wool foundation

Prior to using cotton for the foundation, most rugs were using wool as their foundation, which posed a problem. The majority of wool foundation rugs came from nomadic people or tribes. These oriental rugs did not come from major cities that produced rugs, but rather small villages. The issue that arose was rug shrinking. Since the foundation of every rug is what determines the size and overall dimensions, this is a concern for many rug owners. Although this is a known issue, there is a solution that will definitely aid in preventing rug shrinkage. Rug blocking during the rug cleaning and washing process is a well-known technique that has resolved the problematic shrinking problem of wool rugs.

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Some takeaways

So wool foundation rugs vs cotton foundation rugs. Which material should you choose for your next rug? Well, both materials have their own benefits and drawbacks. Wool shows less dirt and hides it much better than cotton, but cotton is more breathable. Wool is more malleable and less stiff than cotton. At PV Rugs, we believe going either route when it comes to the foundation. For the pile of the rug, we are firm believers with going with a wool pile rug. Wool is one of the most durable materials, it has a larger density compared to cotton, which helps to deal with echoing in your rooms.

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