Professional rug cleaning is not a type of service many think that they need done very often. Your area rugs go through traffic daily accumulating dirt and dust through out the months and even years. You may look at your rug thinking well it’s been eight months, but my rug looks fine, why bother cleaning it? This is a situation that is quite common and goes without notice.

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Professional Rug Cleaning removes the soil and dust within the pile of your rugs

It may not be immediately noticeable, but your rug endures more than you might think. Dirt and dust are the major enemies of your rugs. Most area rugs have a pile, which can vary in height. The pile of these rugs makes it difficult to notice dirt and dust. A solution to this is grabbing a corner of your rug and flopping it up and down. If you see debris, dust, and dirt flying out then your rug is due for professional rug cleaning. Another way to tell if your rug is in need of expert rug cleaning is by looking at the pile itself and/or running your hand across the pile. If your rug has been through a substantial amount of traffic the pile of your rug will look as if it is been pounded down or flattened. This is a clear indication that your rug needs professional care and cleaning. While running your hand across the pile of your rug if it there is a sense of firmness or lack of flexibility your rug should be taken in for rug cleaning. These methods may not be as revealing for flat weave rug, as the lack of a pile will negate these ways of checking.

What does inflexibility and the flattened pile of a rug mean?

Many outcomes can bring your rug to lose its flexibility and become harder to bend. For one a rug that has been liquid damaged by water, oils, or any liquids. Although liquid damaged rugs are a common scenario, the more common attribution to such characters is an accumulation of dirt and dust between the fibers of the rugs within the pile. As the dirt and dust between the piles gather the rug does not feel as soft. As a result the breath ability of the fibers are drastically reduced. Not only this, but dirt and dust are naturally abrasive, which will put excessive wear on your rugs. The wear that the hidden dirt and dust causes will reduce the lifespan of your rug and will lead to premature damage and repairs down the line.

Consequently professional rug cleaning in Scottsdale AZ is highly recommended once a year. Especially with the considerable amount of dust and dirt that accumulates here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Having your rugs professionally cleaned once a year will ensure that your investments last long. Not only this, but by cleaning your rugs, you will greatly improve the air quality of your home.

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