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The process of creating a hand knotted rug is one that requires multiple steps. This craft has been around for generations and is a very arduous task, one that involves individuals of different skills. One of the major stages in the rug construction process is the dying process. What makes this particular phase so important is that the resulting color after the wool, silk, or other material has been dyed is what characterizes the look of the final end piece. The colors of rugs in the market have a huge play in whether the rugs design truly shines as well as whether the exact color shade has been implemented according to the color trends in the furnishing and home decor industry. Rug dying process in itself has many steps involved. The two main forms of dyes in this trade are vegetable dyes and chrome dyes. The decision of going with one type of dying process over another can yield different effects on the outcome of the rug colors.

Vegetable Dye Rugs

Vegetable dyes also known as natural dyes have been the main and only form of dying for the larger portion of the rug making history. Natural dyes as the name applies are made by extracting colors from objects found in nature. These can include fruits, vegetables, minerals, plants, roots, wood, leaves, invertebrates, and lichens. The look the vegetable dye rugs give off is not very consistent which lends to its organic look. Colors have variations, which give the rugs a very unique appearance. This also lends to each rug being one of a kind and each having its own character.

Vegetable Dyed Wool Yarns Scottsdale AZ PV Rugs

Chrome Dye Rugs

Chrome dyes are a newer form of dye that emerged just in the 20th century. This is the main form of dye that is formulated with chemicals. Prior to chrome dyes there were other ways of coloring wool, silk, and other materials that were not very reliable. Today all machine made rugs and hand tufted rugs are made with chrome dyes. These synthetic colors are very consistent and solid in color unlike their vegetable dye counterparts. One benefit to chrome dyes is that they are not as susceptible to color running unlike prior natural dyes. Despite this, vegetable dyes now a days are much better in terms of running the risk of color bleeding and this shouldn’t be a determining factor when it comes to deciding which rug to purchase.
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