India is known as one of the main rug making countries in todays commercial rug industry. They have been exporting fine area rugs for a quite a while and continue to do so at an increasing rate. Rugs from India range from the very inexpensive machine made and hand tufted rugs to some finer wool and silk rugs. The rug you are about to see is one that does not fit into the typical rugs that are seen to come out of India frequently. This rare piece that we encountered at the International India Rug Show is a rug not made from the usual materials that go into making most hand made or machine made rugs.

this is an image of rug from india made from real gold threads

This golden rug known as The Jawaher Rug is a magnificent piece of art, embroidered with golden threads (not real gold in this case), and running 7′ by 10′ in size, one can imagine how much work has gone into constructing this beauty. For the example pictured above taking two to three years to finish, these type of rugs are made usually out of passion and by pure rug weaving hobbyists and are generally not available for sale to the general public. The Jawaher Rugs are not made by any other countries and are known to the Indian culture and tradition as the pinnacle of rugs that are made in India, which many regard as master pieces. So you may be asking yourself, what goes into making such a exquisite art work? Well the construction of this particular rug is surprisingly similar to other hand knotted rugs although unlike other rugs is made from zari


Zari is a piece of thread made from natural or a man made material such as viscose, which is then intertwined with strips of gold, silver, or any other metallic objects. In the past this thread was done with real gold or silver, but recent times have shifted to the use of just metallic ply in the color of gold or silver. It is typically used for garments and mixed in with silk to produce interesting designs, although in this larger application, it has produced a breathtaking result.

Fine Area Rugs

Fine area rugs such as The Golden Rug of India are generally made for Middle Eastern Royalty such as a Saudi Prince. And appear to often be given as gifts during weddings between wealthy families. Fine area rugs such as this are only to be discovered by traveling the globe in search of the best most exquisite rugs the world has to offer. Which is exactly what we do.

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