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Experts have noted that using rug pads save loads of wear and tear on rugs, particularly on rough backed varieties that may tend to grind against a floor. Having this buffer in place protects the rug and floor alike. Our pads at PV Rugs help protect the most expensive of flooring. Our pads are great for wood flooring, laminate flooring, tile, stone and any other flooring you can think of. Over time, it is a rather low cost investment and adds to your rugs longevity. Simply put, pads can pay for themselves as it’s a great investment. On another related note, pads in addition help to aerate the field between the rug and the floor. Remember, with anything unlike one of the elastic materials such as pads, bacteria and mildew can build up under a rug over time. With a pad securely installed under an area rug, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding such an issue. This has to do with the moisture and temperatures in the living rug pads for hardwood floors

Another good reason to use pads has to do with safety for the following inside the home. These are specifically good for areas where kids may be playing. Nevertheless, some rugs can tend to shift rapidly on any side impact. On top of that, individuals who run across them can go soaring. Now pay attention please. Make sure to use our pads on pieces that cover slick hardwood floors. Another benefit is that they add a level of softness to the floor. Walking on a rug with special supports could be more comfortable than padding across a thin runner covering a rough floor. According to professional interior designers, rug pads can help with sound reduction. Getting the right floor coverings can help minimize the percentage of noise that gravitates throughout the home, insuring everyone can have a better chance at an excellent evening’s sleep or an afternoon nap, when you have got loads of guys tramping thru an interior space. We have the best quality pads in Arizona that will add many benefits to the safety and longevity of your  pieces.

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