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Why Hand Tufted Rugs are present?

The rug industry has gone through its fare bit of revisions and has introduced many types of rugs through out the history. Many versions of hand made rugs are now present and have permeated the hand made sector of this market. Of all the types of hand made rugs there is one that we at PV Rugs firmly believe should never be purchased or placed in any home or office. The type which we are referring to is the hand tufted rug. This variety of hand made construction has been around for roughly 20-30 years. Hand tufted rugs became popular because of their lower cost, due to less labor being involved and also less materials used. Before the hand tufted variety was introduced, the current market was flooded with expensive hand made rugs and the less expensive alternative was going the machine made route. Machine made pieces during that time were fresh in the market and were not that well made and could clearly be portrayed as the cheaply and mass produced machine made breed. Consumers wanted to get a similar look and feel as the more expensive hand knotted rugs, but without the cost. Since machine made rugs during the early times did not fit the bill, the hand tufted rugs were created. So why is it that hand tufted rugs are not recommended? It all comes down to health, the environment, durability, and value.

Your Health & The Environment

The latex used in this product is created with chemicals. Although it does not pose harm while the rug is newer, overtime as it wears, this dried latex will start to lose its adhesion. After losing bond, the latex will start to crumble and powder. The powder is then exposed to your home or office environment. It will be in your atmosphere and inevitability you, your households, and pets will be inhaling this chemical as a result.

Hand tufted rug top with portion removedHand tufted rugs backing cut to show construction of rug

Durability & Value

Durability is another weak point of the hand tufted rugs. The lifespan of these rugs is one of the lowest lasting about 5 to 10 years. Another downside in the durability department would be washing your rugs and daily maintenance. Unfortunately with the nature of the hand tufted rugs, vacuuming your rug can be a problem. Using a vacuum can cause the wool or artificial silk to be loosened and even removed from the canvas. Just the fact of knowing that caring for your rug can damage it is a major concern. When it comes to getting your rugs professionally cleaned, hand tufted rugs can raise another controversy. It is clear that water and glue do not go well hand in hand. Professional rug cleaning, which is recommended every 2 to 3 years, exposes your rugs to a substantial amount of water. For this reason rug cleaners do not recommend frequent cycles of professional rug cleaning. Getting the latex wet will give off an unpleasant odor and overtime diminish the structural integrity of the rug.

With all the negative attributes that this product brings, we have halted sales of hand tufted rugs. We are here to inform you, our customers to stay away from these kinds of rugs and to either go with a machine made rug, hand knotted rug, or any other hand made rug. PV Rugs values its customers and we would like to inform and educate our clients.

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