When the term rug repair is used it usually refers to rug reweaving. Rug weaving is one of the major skills that comes with getting into the rug constructing or repair business. It is a highly praised craft and at times it is even enough to land a job. A rug reweaving job can range anywhere from a small quarter sized hole in a rug to a larger task such as the corner of a rug that has been teared and ripped off by a dog or improper movement of heavy furniture on it. The cost can also spread on a wide spectrum and it all comes down to how much area of a rug needs to be re-weaved, which constitutes of the number hours a weaver needs to complete the work and the amount of materials needed such as the length of wool strands needed and at what micron (diameter of wool fiber). Sometimes your old rug maybe in need of a repair, but it might not be worth the time and investment. Maybe your home decor and taste has changed. In this case a new rug may be a better investment. If so checkout our rug gallery.