Oriental rugs have been around for hundreds of years. There has not been that much advancement in this industry as the technology field. People of the rug industry have stayed true to their roots for the most part although improvements to the dyes, loom setup, wool, and other materials have been made along the way. Rugs have been known as one of the most durable products known to man kind. Therefore when it comes down to the repair of these rugs many will think repair is something that rarely is occurs, although the truth would otherwise suggest. Although oriental rugs have set the standard for one of the longest lasting man made products, repair is usually Inevitable. Most rugs endure daily wear, being walked on constantly, eventually showing signs of wear, which must be brought to attention as soon as possible. It is vital to take action when signs of wear begin to show so that the owner will not have a rug that will continue being worn and incur a more costly repair. There are many types of repairs that can be performed on oriental rugs and the cost of repairs can vary vastly. Persian rug repair is the most common type that we perform. This is mostly due to the value associated with persian rugs and also being the rugs with the earliest presence in the market. Persian rugs are known for there quality, heritage, culture, and exquisiteness.