Fringes have been a part of rugs ever since their inception. It has been part of many conversations related to rugs. Fringes are a component of the rug and in fact a part of the foundation for every hand knotted rug. In the more recent years fringes have been a contreversial topic in the rug industries with many complaints from customers not liking fringes on their rugs. Due to this demand more and more rugs are crafted with fringes either hidden from view and sawn to the back of the rug or cut very short. This is also part of the rug re-fringing service that we do. The rug refraining service is usually done for rugs that have seen a fair amount of wear on the fringes that need repair before the damage and wear starts to get to the area of the rug where the border begins. Rugs that have damages that have gone through the fringes and onto the actual area of the rug will need more costly repairs and can even lead to the a minor rug resizing procedure.