Rug pads are one of those little things in life that many people don’t give much thought to until they need one. They are utilitarian objects that are usually far removed from our day to day lives, they are literally “kept under the rug”.

We feel that out of sight should be out of mind, a rug pad should do its job so well that you forget that it is even there. Here at PV Rugs we stock some of the finest, highest quality rug pads in Scottsdale, AZ.

You might have done some preliminary research on and seen that there are 1001 different types of rug pad. Some work great on carpets, others will only work on hardwood floors, some will work with flat woven rugs, and others will not.

However, we like to do things a little bit differently here at our store in Scottsdale. We are proud to be able to provide you with the next generation of rug pads that we call Super Deluxe.

Let’s take a look at some of the properties and features of our advanced Super Deluxe pads to see why we think they are more than worthy of your consideration.

Works With All Flooring Types

With our Super Deluxe rug pad system, you can take the guess work out of trying to find the right pad for your flooring type. This is often the most difficult part of the purchasing process for many people. Countless floors have been ruined because people have purchased the incorrect kind of rug pad for their floor. Our researchers have spent countless hours formulating the perfect material that will work with any kind of flooring, allowing you to have complete peace of mind. These pads are exceptional for areas such as hardwood floors, tile, ceramic, and work with carpeting as well.

Works With All Rug Types

To make things even more difficult, rug pads are traditionally only compatible with certain kinds of rugs. The thickness and material of the rug usually need to be taken into account when trying to find a pad that will work harmoniously with it. As you can imagine, finding a rug pad that works with both your rug type and your flooring type can be a time-consuming process. Our Anchor Grip technology removes this issue completely and can be used with any kind of rug, including Kilims, Durims, and Soumaks.

Incredible Adhesion

There is no adhesive used in our rug pads, which you might find hard to believe when you first try our Anchor Grip technology. It will feel like your rug is welded to the floor with the force of a thousand suns. There is absolutely no slipping, no sliding, and no movement regardless of your floor type (even if you intentionally try).

Long Lasting Durability

Many lower quality rug pads will work great initially, but then very quickly they will start to degrade. Their structural integrity will weaken, and they will disintegrate into a patchy, slippy and ineffective product. This is because lower quality products often use synthetic latex mixed with a large amount of clay filler. While clay filler is required in many rug pads, it also chemically reacts with the other materials causing degradation.

This problem is heightened when rugs are placed in high traffic areas that see a large amount of footfall on a daily basis. As you can imagine, this degradation can get quite dangerous when it means your rug is no longer secure.

Persian Ghom laying on rug pads in customers home in Scottsdale AZ

Our Super Deluxe rug pads are some of the longest lasting, most durable products on the market. We use natural rubber instead of inferior synthetic latex. This means we use much less clay filler, and as a result, our pads significantly outlast the competition.

Soft Cushioning (Without Bulking)

There are two types of lower quality rug pads when it comes to comfort and cushioning. The first type will often provide a respectable amount of cushioning and comfort. However, this comes at the cost of bulkiness, and you will regularly kick the edges of your rug up accidentally. The second kind of low-quality pad is the kind that provides no cushioning or additional comfort whatsoever. This leaves you with a hard and often cold feeling when you step on it, which is less than ideal.

In contrast to this, our Super Deluxe rug pads have been specifically engineered to provide the best of both worlds. They add an incredible amount of cushioning and comfort, without adding excessive amounts of additional bulk and height to the rug.

Odor Free

You may (or may not) already know that some materials that are used in rug pads can create a distinct odor in your home – especially on larger rugs. While this odor is not usually overpowering, it is normally noticeable (and unwelcome). However, with our Super Deluxe pads, this is not an issue, they are completely odor free.

Cut To Size

We have cut countless amounts of rug pads to fit countless amounts of rugs for Scottsdale residents over the years. While it’s not rocket science, it can be a little tricky if you don’t have previous experience. We take care of all this work for you and will tailor make your rug a perfectly sized pad. No rug is too big, and no shape is too difficult for our experienced team. It doesn’t matter if you own rugs in sizes of, 9×12, 8×10, 6×9, 5×8, 4×6, or anything outside or in between these standard rug sizes. We can custom cut the rug underlay to just about any requested rug size.

Moisture Resistant

An often overlooked issue with lower quality rug pads is the fact that they often absorb moisture. As you can imagine, this is not an ideal property for a pad to have. Over time the moisture is trapped underneath the rug and causes all kinds of issues. It can dramatically reduce the operational lifespan of your rug pad and can create additional unpleasant odors. Our Anchor Grip system has been specifically designed to be as moisture resistant as possible, removing these issues almost entirely.

And More…

So there you have it, just some of the many qualities that we feel make our area rug pad products some of the best rug pads in Scottsdale.

If you are looking for a durable, stable rug pad that will stand the test of time, then look no further. Give us a call on (480) 483-6600 for a quick, no pressure chat to see how we can help you today.


  • Cushioning

    One of the main reasons for purchasing an area rug is for the comfort that it provides for your feet. Although providing somewhat of a cushioning, a rug pad will provide extra cushioning and support that an area rug on its own cannot provide. Adding some millimeters of cushioning in between your floor and area rug will also ensure that hard impacts are absorbed.

  • Slip Resistance

    Slipping is one of major safety hazards that comes with owning an area rug or oriental rug. A rug pad will greatly reduce the risk of slippage and will ensure that your rug stays in one place.

  • Sound Reduction

    Sound reduction is one of the major annoyances of having hard surface floors. An area rug will reduce the echoes, but with a properly fitted rug pad underneath, this noise reduction will be increased even more so, ensuring a pleasant and peaceful room environment.

  • Wear on Rugs

    Area rugs and oriental rugs are eventually going to wear over time. After all they endure some form of traffic from walking on depending on the room and traffic levels. Underlying your rugs with rug pads will most definitely reduce the wear on your rugs over time. A rug pad is a great investment to keep your rugs in pristine condition.

  • Floor Protection

    Some hard surface floors are not as durable and are susceptible to scratching and wearing down very easily. These type of floorings can even easily be damaged by having a large amount of weight concentrated in one particular area, such as the pressure of a table leg. A rug pad will greatly reduce this pressure and evenly spread out this force throughout its fibers. This is a very inexpensive way to protect your floors from scratching and damaging from furniture, accent pieces, and even area rugs.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Having a rug pad properly placed underneath your rugs will save time when it comes to maintenance. Vacuuming is a very common task that is made much easier. With having some spacing in between the area rug and the floor, air flow is created in between allowing for dirt and soil to be grabbed effortlessly by the vacuum. And with the combination of grip holding the rug in place while vacuuming, you can be sure that a rug pad will allow for the most efficient vacuuming.

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