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Are you buying your area rugs online?

Rug buying is a decision that is very important and one that should not be rushed into. There are so many factors that go into buying rugs and so many consumers do not take into consideration many of them. Buying your rugs online has been a way for many consumers to acquire their next oriental rugs and area rugs. This is now a common activity among our society and online shopping is taking over the retail industry. In fact a majority of the rug industry sales and market are from online transactions. Despite this growth in the online rug market, we believe consumers should stray away from buying area rugs online.

The Dreaded Hand Tufted Rug

The hand tufted rug is the worst of your troubles. We have spoken about this type of area rug and you can learn more about it here.

A lot of online rug shops sell hand tufted rugs. Unfortunately not many shoppers are educated or familiar with this rug and its short comings. What is even more disappointing is that many of these online rug outlets do not even specify the hand tufted rug in the description of their rugs for sale. The easiest way to spot a hand tufted rug is by looking for a cotton backing on the back of the rug. Usually these cotton backings are in a white or off white color. A majority of online rug sites do not have images of the back of their rugs. The only way of really making sure that you are not buying a tufted rug is by contacting the company directly. Doing such a thing for all the rugs you find is not consumer friendly.

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Are You Sure That Rug is Red?

This is a question that arises countless times amongst online rug shoppers. Shopping for rugs online can be a tedious task. One of the worst parts is distinguishing between colors from an image you see digitally. This is especially true of rugs which have various colors, a wide array of shades, and so many different patterns. If you are trying to get the colors of your rug to match certain fabrics or swatches it can be very difficult to match just off seeing an image on your computer or smartphone. The matter of the fact is that in person objects such as area rugs have colors that vary depending on the lighting and how the light bounces off the surface.

Area rugs also have diverse textures which can impact how its true colors show in a particular angle or lighting. A camera can only show so many angles of a rug and at that point you are looking at taking a ton of photos of just a single rug. Therefore not many online rug stores have more than just a few photos of each rug they sell.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are just a few reasons why we don’t recommend buying rugs online. Rug shopping in itself is a task that takes a lot of time and effort. We understand this and at our Scottsdale, Arizona rug shop our job is to make it easier. In addition to seeing rugs in person and feeling the material, we provide an at home display service. This no obligation service allows our customers to pick a few rugs to see in their own home. This negates the doubt of whether the rug will fit the room, but also you can see how the texture, color, and rug looks with your own lighting.

If you are keen on buying rugs online, at least do some shopping at your local rug shops. Your local rug shops might have the same rugs as the ones you have seen online. This can give you a better perspective into what you are buying. PV Rugs is your one stop rug shop in Scottsdale, Arizona. You may contact us for information regarding your next rug purchase.

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