Picture of a Persian Oriental Nian Rug
While Persian Rugs may at times be called Oriental Rugs the reverse is not true. In other words all Oriental Rugs are not Persian Rugs. We mention this because there is at times also a difference in exactly how some fine rugs are best cleaned. Persian oriental rug cleaning requires first the ability to distinguish where the rug was made and what materials were used to produce the rug. Persian Oriental Rug Cleaning must be done by hand.

Fine Antique Rugs Cleaning again like all Oriental Rug Cleaning requires particular knowledge of the rug. While age is of importance so too are the fabrics and dyes the rug was constructed from.

Persians rugs can range from city rugs to tribal rugs (village rugs/nomad rugs). The knots can vary on Persian rugs and will outline usually how detailed the rug cleaning process will be. Majority of persian rugs are made with natural (vegetable) dyes. This usually makes the cleaning process much easier, since there are fugitive dyes as a result of the natural dyes, there is less risk of color run. The wool used on Persian rugs is usually of very high quality and contains more than usual lanolin due to the high altitudes of various regions of Iran. Lanolin is basically the natural oil of wool and is like a protection that shields against the elements, such as stains, moisture, and wear. It is also very beneficial in that it prolongs the life of the wool and prevents it from drying or breaking down. Another very interesting fact is that the Lanolin is highly regarded in Iran because as the rug is used more and more, the rug becomes more shinier and also becomes easier to clean. Persian oriental rug cleaning is our main business.

Please be assured no matter what type of fine rug you may have we at PV Rugs are the experts in Oriental Rug Cleaning.

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