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Persian rugs are magnificent pieces of art. Iran or Persia have been producing rugs for hundreds and even thousands of years. One region that is known for their beautiful rugs is the city of Nain. Persian Nain Rugs are known for their quality. Crafted from natural dyed wools and silk accents in some finer applications, the caliber of craftsmanship is definitely in the upper echelon. Predominant colors of the Persian Nain rug are navy and ivory. Some examples also come in red and greens. Cotton is the material used for the foundation of hand knotted Persian Nian rugs. Wool is primarily used for the pile, while silk accents accommodate some rugs to add a nice touch.


Quality of Persian Nain Rug

Nain quality is measured through the foundation of the thread plies. (Definition of Ply: The individual strands that make up a piece of yarn). Four ply is considered as the best and finest quality Nain rug. In addition, there are six and nine ply Nain rugs as well, which are typically less expensive and require less labor. As you make your way up in the count of plies the Nain rug becomes coarser. Why is it that lower number of plies make a finer rug? The reason for lower ply counts making a finer rug is the fact that more knots are necessary to make the same size rug as a piece with a higher ply count. This inevitability creates a higher density rug with a greater knot per square inch. The best quality Nain is made by a legend family named The Habibians.


A Customer Persian Nain Rug in for Rug Cleaning

Persian Nain Rug Persian Rug Cleaning Corner Scottsdale AZ PV Rugs

The following Persian Nain Rug is one we just received for cleaning from a customer. This particular Nain rug is one of the finer pieces that is the 4 ply quality. The colors used in this rug are green for the background and an ivory border. Most of the rug is made with wool and with a cotton foundation. In addition, there are silk highlights found throughout the rug. It has a considerable amount of soil and dirt after been gone through a fair amount of traffic. Taking a closer look at this fine Persian Nain rug you can spot areas where the dyes have bled. Color bleeding is something that in some cases can be avoided by choosing a good and experienced rug cleaner.

Persian rug cleaning, in general, is a type of rug cleaning that many rug cleaners are not suited to accomplish. It takes a special level of expertise and attention to detail to be able to properly clean a Persian rug. This necessary experience is escalated when it comes to finer Persian rugs such as the customer’s Nain rug depicted here. The dyes can be susceptible to bleeding especially in the silk areas. Salt water is used in combination with a special solution for silk rug cleaning to prevent colors from running over each other.

After this beautiful Persian Nian rug has been cleaned the dirt and soil will have been removed and the original colors will shine as they once did before. Therefore stayed tuned as we will pictures posted soon with the end result after cleaning this Persian Nian Rug.

Persian Nain Rug Before Rug Cleaning:

Persian Nain rug overview oriental rug cleaning Scottsdale AZ PV Rugs
Persian Nain rug signature oriental rug cleaning Scottsdale AZ PV Rugs
Persian Nain Rug Corner Close up Oriental rug cleaning Scottsdale AZ PV Rugs

Persian Nain Rug After Rug Cleaning:

persian main rug oriental rug cleaning after cleaning scottsdale az pv rugs
persian main rug signature oriental rug cleaning after cleaning scottsdale az pv rugs
persian nain rug oriental rug cleaning after-cleaning scottsdale az corner closeup pv rugs

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