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PV Rugs in Scottsdale – Phoenix AZ specialize in Oriental Rug Cleaning – Silk Oriental Rugs seem to present a problem to many rug cleaning services not only in the Phoenix – Scottsdale Arizona area but, nation wide. For decades our family has owned and operated Arizona’s premiere Oriental Carpet Store buying, selling, cleaning and repairing all types of rugs from around the world. This includes Silk Area Rugs and full sized Oriental Silk Carpeting.

Since Oriental Silk Rugs have been in existence for thousands of years I am truly surprised by the amount of confusion and misinformation there is concerning the subject of how best to clean a rug hand crafted from pure silk or a rug constructed from a blend of silk and wool.

Most Frequently Asked Questions Concerning How To Clean Silk Oriental Rugs

1. Is it best to dry clean my Silk Rug?

No. Dry cleaning a silk rug or actually any Oriental Rug is not good. Dry cleaning will leave a residue of chemicals embedded within
the fibers of your rug. This residue will actually cause any new dirt and soil to cling to the fibers of the rug causing problems
for you in the future. Because the new dirt is trapped within specific areas of your rug your rug will be subject to wear and serious
damage. Tiny particles of dirt actually act the same as sand paper. With each foot fall that dirt will slowly but, surely grind and cut the
fine fibers of your area rugs.

2. Can my Silk Rug be Steam Cleaned?

No. Steam cleaning Silk Rugs can never completely clean your rug or carpet and will cause damage to your silk rug due to fading. In
addition to fading if modern day cleaning chemicals are used the cleaning solutions will leave a residue on your rugs. Again this
residue of cleaning solutions will cause dirt to cling to your rug which will bring about the end result of damage to your rugs in
specific areas of your rugs.

The process of “Steam Cleaning Area Rugs” is hot water under high pressure that is forced into the
carpet then extracted by high suction like a vacuum cleaner. Due to the hand woven construction of Oriental Rugs there can never
be enough pressure to force all the dirt completely out of your rug. Even if both sides of the area rug or carpet are Steam Cleaned
the inner most area of the rug will still contain fine particles of dirt and grit resulting in unnecessary wear of your floor covering.

3. My Carpet Cleaner recommends “Top Cleaning” or “Bonnet Cleaning” my Oriental Silk Rugs. Is this the best method?

No. Top cleaning, also called Bonnet cleaning, consists of a high powered rotary machine with a soft pad attachment that will
force dirt deep within the fibers. Also carpet cleaners will use harsh chemicals that again will leave a residue on and within the
fibers. Your rug will be clean only on the upper most area of the rug leaving behind concentrates of dirt within your rugs.

4. What is the best method to clean my silk oriental rugs?

Hand washing is not only the best method to clean your Oriental Silk Rug, but the only method that will safely and effectively clean
your rug completely. Hand washing ensures that your rugs are not only cleaned but, ensures that they will last beyond your lifetime.
Hand washing prevents fading of your rugs and will not cause any damage to the knots that your fine rugs are constructed from.

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