Oriental rug cleaning services Scottsdale AZ. Cleaning Oriental rugs and carpets using our hand washing process will always bring forth the finest and the best results. Our process of hand washing an Oriental or Persian rug – carpet is simple, straightforward, and designed to maintain the health and beauty of your fine quality carpets and rugs.

1. Pre-cleaning Oriental rug – carpet
2. Dusting Oriental rug
3. Spot Cleaning
4. Hand Washing
5. Drying
6. Hand Brushing – Combing

1. Pre-cleaning Oriental rug – carpet

Prior to hand cleaning your Oriental – Persian rug we at PV Rugs will first determine what type of Persian or Oriental carpet – rug we are dealing with. This initial step is important because a pure silk rug from China or Persia will require different attention than say a fine high end rug woven from wool and cotton. We must discover exactly what fibers were used in the creation of your Oriental rug and what dyes were used. Each different region of the world will have used materials easily obtained, the older the rug the more localized the production will have been. So a hand made Navajo rug created wool and cotton in Arizona will have used different dyes than a wool and cotton rug hand crafted in Afghanistan. Different dyes used in the creation of different fine rugs from around the world may require slightly different hand washing methods to prevent color bleeding and maintain the initial high quality of the rug.

Also during the pre-cleaning stage PV Rugs will inspect your Oriental rug for any damage that your rug may have. The most common damage we see to fine rugs are frayed fringe areas and worn edges. PV Rugs are experts not only of cleaning Oriental rugs and carpets but, we are experts at repairing all hand crafted rugs. From here we move on to the dusting process.

2. Dusting Oriental rug

Oriental rug dusting requires knowledge of how weak or strong the foundation of your rug is as well as what fabrics are used in the rug, not necessarily how dirty your Oriental rug is. During this step we will remove loose dirt and fine dust that not only make your rug colors look less vibrant but, this fine dust actually acts like fine grit sand paper that will over time wear down the fabric of your rug.

3. Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning Oriental rugs is often required and must be done carefully by a rug cleaning expert. We need to not only remove the spots and stains but, we need to maintain the color and vibrancy of the rugs being cleaned. Hand crafted high quality rugs will most often have been dyed using natural materials that may fade or even bleed. These dyes must be treated with extra care when removing stubborn modern day stains and spots.

4. Hand Washing

Hand washing Oriental – Persian rugs – carpets is exactly that. PV Rugs always cleans your Oriental rug by hand without modern day machines. Using rotary floor cleaning equipment or high pressure steam cleaning methods may seem to be an efficient time saving and cost saving way to clean an Oriental rug. This is simply not the case.

Machine cleaning a Silk rug, Navajo rug, Oriental or Persian rug may bring it to ruin quickly. Rotary machines are heavy and clean in a circular motion. Fine rugs should always be cleaned going with the nap of the carpet or rug. A rotary machine can not maintain this requirement and never cleans going with the natural weave of the rug. By hand cleaning a rug the integrity of the created rug is never compromised this assures you that your Oriental rug will last longer looking as close to the original as is possible. High pressure steam cleaning could well fade the color of your rug and do so evenly. What this could do is leave you with a rug that looses it’s color little by little with each successive cleaning. At first this might be difficult to see but, given time it will become overwhelmingly noticeable. You will be left with a faded rug a perhaps told that your once brilliantly colored rug has simply faded with time. Hand washing your Oriental rug is the traditional way to truly and safely clean your Oriental rug.

5. Drying

As each rug is cleaned and washed by hand as is best suited for the particular type of rug being washed, so too is each rug or carpet individually dried as is best suited for that particular rug. Oriental rug cleaning and drying of the rug is actually different with each piece. One can not attempt to factory clean many rugs at once. Yet this is most always what other rug cleaning services will do in order to save time and generate more profits for their company. The traditional hand cleaning methods may be more time consuming yet the end results are far better. Your Oriental – Persian rug will be cleaner and last much longer when cleaned by hand.

6. Hand Brushing – Combing

Hand brushing and combing your Oriental rug is the final step of the rug cleaning process. Once completely hand cleaned and fully dry the Oriental rug will be gone over by hand to restore as much as is possible the original beauty of the rug. The nap will be fully brushed and the fringed edges will be brought back to the original state as much as is possible.

Oriental rug cleaning cost

There are many factors that go into determining the actual final Oriental rug cleaning cost. This includes any repairs that may need to be done in order to maintain the overall quality of the rug in question. What you can be assured of is that PV Rugs will provide you an honest fair price while maintaining the original beauty and integrity of your fine Oriental rug.

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