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How Oriental Rug Benefits Everyone?

When it comes to covering the floors of your home and office there are many options in this day and age. Anywhere from carpeting, hardwood, tile, ceramic tile, oriental rugs, and area rugs. Despite all the various flooring options, there is one that has been tried-and-true for so many years and has recently been gaining more traction. We are referring to the oriental rug and area rugs. Oriental rugs although inherently the same as the ones our ancestors used to have around have had some improvements throughout the years. It is for many good reasons that oriental rugs have been used and been around in households for such a long time. Oriental rug benefits are more than any other floor coverings.

There are many benefits to having the rooms of your home covered with area rugs or oriental rugs. We will go over the major benefits of oriental rugs as well as area rugs.

Noise Reduction

One of the most annoying things about moving into a new home or even a home that is not fully furnished is the echo. Not only are these noises annoying, but they make the house feel empty and does not give a feeling of warmth and homeyness. Hard surfaces whether that be tile, wood floors, or the walls of your home are not very effective at canceling our noise. Oriental rugs make a big impact. These floor coverings help to absorb most of the noise that is circulated through the rooms of your home.

Buying into Culture and Art

Unfortunately in today’s day and age with all the advancements and attention on technology, many of our younger generations have forgotten about art and culture. When you buy an oriental rug you are not only just covering your floors, but are buying into a culture and art. Oriental rugs span many generations. Although they have made some advancements throughout the times, they have been inherently the same. Designs and patterns of oriental rugs are based on certain regions and provinces of a particular country. Certain designs and motifs have a certain meaning on oriental rugs. To know that a certain rug took a good portion of an individual artisans’ life should be something that a new rug owner should be very proud of and appreciate.

Warmth, Insulation and Comfort

Another beneficial aspect of owning a wool oriental rug is the insulation and comfort it provides. This is especially true with wool oriental rugs. So you might be asking what makes wool rugs or oriental rugs in general capable of providing warmth and insulation? In short wool oriental rug benefits from having thermal resistance. Thermal resistance allows oriental rugs to insulate temperatures in a particular room. In seasons where there is a warmer climate, the area rug can help to maintain a comfortable cool indoor temperature. While in colder climates, oriental rugs can keep a comfortable warmer temperature.

Oriental Rug Benefits the Environment

In the end, oriental rugs benefit you and your family as well as the environment. They can help reduce your electric bill by assisting in maintaining your home’s indoor temperature. They have flame retardant properties naturally. They provide cushioning and comfort against your hard floor surfaces. Oriental rugs and area rugs also are much cleaner and easier to maintain than carpeting. Out of all the flooring options for you home, area rugs are the most cost efficient.

Contemporary Oriental Rug Benefits Area Rug Scottsdale AZ PV RugsIn spite of all the positive benefits, mentioned above, there is a particular rug that you should not own. The hand tufted is a type of rug that you should stay away from. Learn more about the hand tufted rug here

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