Navajo rugs are special kind of rugs, classified by the tribe that they came from. They are constructed differently than many of the oriental rugs people come to expect. Most of them do not have a pile and are a flat weave. Navajo rugs have a rough texture in nature and are adorned with many geometric patterns. Bamboo silk rug repair is quite the opposite of Navajo rug repair. Most bamboo silk rugs are pile rugs while having a modern design. Navajo rugs are primarily woven with one hundred percent wool, with unique dyes that are sometimes hard to acquire. There are not many rug servicing businesses that repair Navajo rugs in the United States, especially ones that do a good job. These type of rugs have very fugitive dyes and just a slightly inexperienced rug professional can easily ruin a Navajo rug. Rug dyes are a very sensitive subject and the damage that can result from color bleeding is usually irreversible. PV Rugs specializes in Navajo rug repair, so if you have any questions in regards to your Navajo rug or wanting to get it serviced please contact us directly at (480) 483-6600.

Below we have a short video of an Indian Navajo Rug Repair job we did for a customer. This rug repair in Scottsdale involved the rug binding and although fairly similar for all types of rugs, rug binding can slightly differ between various kinds of oriental rugs and area rugs.