Navajo Rug Cleaning is quite popular not only in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Prescott Arizona but throughout the entire United States. Sadly many fine hand woven antique Navajo rugs have been ruined by using modern rug cleaning methods that are not designed for quality hand made South Western Rugs. Oriental rug cleaning methods are similar to the methods used for cleaning Navajo rugs because the materials used in manufacturing these fine rugs is very similar but, the knots used in South Western Native American rugs are different as will be the dyes used.

Because we at PV Rugs are the experts in our field we understand that each and every fine rug is different and requires similar but, distinctly different methods in cleaning. Just as a Navajo rug is different from a Bamboo Silk rug, cleaning a Navajo rug is always different from Oriental Bamboo Silk rug cleaning.

Navajo rugs have been known for their value, yet are very delicate. Since the dyes of the navajo rugs are typically unstable, there is a stringent process to prevent any colors to run on the rug. Due to the weakness of the wool, the wash process used to clean the rug is very gentle and brushes with very soft bristles are used to prevent any damage to the navajo rug.

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