Picture of a Fine Antique Rug at a front view
Fine Antique Rug Cleaning is a specialty rug cleaning service of PV Rugs. Specialty because of our love of these masterpieces. Your fine rug may be hundreds of years of age woven and knotted from any combination of fabrics wool, cotton, bamboo, or silk. Our highly experienced staff will know how best to care for and clean your valuable rug. Oriental Silk Rug Cleaning is much different than cleaning a rug from the Orient that was woven from wool and cotton.

Fine Antique rugs are a special breed of rugs and require extreme attentive detail. The wool usually used for these kinds of rugs is Kork wool (wool from neck and shoulder of the lamb). This particular wool is known for its very fine and soft properties. Usually finer rugs are made with silk for its thinner dimensions and making it easier to pack more knots in a smaller area. Since Kork wool is so much finer than regular wool it is possible to make finer knots and make more knots in a smaller area. For this reason the washing process that is done for these type of rugs is very particular and requires a professional in the rug cleaning field who has many years of experience.

Bamboo Silk Rug Cleaning