Have you ever thought what goes into professional rug cleaning? Is there some sort of machine that the rugs go into and then come out all cleaned? Maybe the rug cleaning process is similar to the way we clean our own clothes? Well, it is a little more complicated and involved than many may come to expect. Rug cleaning or as many like to call it oriental rug cleaning is a thorough process that entails many steps in order to do a complete job. Surface rug cleaning is a type of rug cleaning without some of the vital steps that ensure a completely clean rug as a result.


Is Surface Rug Cleaning the same as Oriental Rug Cleaning?

We won’t go into too much detail here about how oriental rug cleaning is done, instead, we will focus on what sets apart surface rug cleaning and oriental rug cleaning.

So what is surface rug cleaning and is it any different than oriental rug cleaning? Surface rug cleaning is in short a form of rug cleaning. This kind of rug cleaning is used in the rug servicing and cleaning industry quite a bit. Cleaning using the surface rug cleaning method involves fewer steps and less time, which is why many rug cleaners prefer this type of cleaning. Only the surface of the rug is washed and no dust and dirt removal is performed. This can be very damaging to the rug and can at times make the rug look worse than when it had come in for cleaning. A very important part of rug cleaning is removing all the dirt and dust out of the foundation of the rug. Surface rug washing skips this step entirely, which can be a huge problem.


What happens when you skip the Dirt and Dust Removal Step?

Leaving dirt and dust in the rug prior to washing can negatively impact the longevity. Dirt, dust, and soil naturally have an abrasive nature. This abrasive behavior will over time damage wool, bamboo silk, polypropylene, and most other fibers. In addition to damage over time, exposing this dirt and dust to moisture can alter the appearance of your rugs. As you have probably seen when dirt is mixed with water it does not produce a very clean result. The same is true for rugs. Another negative point is that this mud will make your rug appear darker and will dull the colors.


Watch Out for False Advertisement

These days there are a lot of places that although advertise they hand wash rugs, only surface wash them. Many consumers are not aware of this type of rug cleaning. The best way to truly see if the rug cleaner properly cleans your rug is to ask if they surface wash rugs. Another way of finding out is to ask if they take the dust out of the foundation of the rugs. Surface rug cleaning is not the same as true oriental rug cleaning. It is a way for rug cleaners to do less work. All this while charging the same amount for what is clearly not the same job.

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