Waffle Rug Pads have been in the industry for quite a while. In fact when you mention pads to most consumers and the general public, the first things that comes to mind is the waffle style pad. These type of pads have gained popularity throughout the years and were one of the original types of pads introduced into the market. Known for being inexpensive, very thin, and available in so many local shops, the waffle pads have been the go to pad for so many households for quite some time.

Being one of the original pads, they have not really advanced much throughout the years and have actually gained some negative attention since its inception. The construction of the waffle pads is made from sponge rubber, which is then manufactured out into a thin grid like form. This is how the waffle pad got its name from, since it closely resembles the look of a waffle. The similarity even comes down to the yellowish off white color that most of these kinds of pads are produced in. In addition to this rubber material, air is also mixed in when creating the material. During this process the machinery used can alternate the ratio of air mixture that goes into the compound. During the earlier years more air was used to not only keep costs low but also give the final product a more fluffy and buoyant character. This resulted in a very weak pad and one that would consequently begin to crumble and break apart just after a few weeks. After so many years and complaints from customers, the more recent versions of this manufactured good brought a more dense concentration of the rubber. Consequently an improvement was made, but not by much and the issue that had risen in the first place was still and is still apparent in this form of underlay for rugs.Waffle Rug Pad under Rug

Here are some main key reasons why these pads are not worth the time and investment.

  1. Do the these style pads actually work? No, these style underlays don’t do their job and actually cause the rugs to wrinkle and move with any slight movement. With this in mind, it can a safety hazard.
  2. The material that the waffle pads are made of are known to break down and cause a dry powdery mess that when inhaled can actually be harmful to both you and your pets health
  3. After a couple of months of usage these pads will actually leave behind a nasty residue on any surface such as hardwood flooring. In turn, this is a costly damage to your expensive flooring.
  4. The design of these underlays include pockets within the pad that can actually start to accumulate dust and dirt within the pad and underneath the rug. This makes maintenance a hassle, since this dirt can get stuck on the pad and surrounding as well. In addition this trapped dirt and dust can be an abrasion that can both damage the rug and your flooring as well.
  5. Due to the materials used in manufacturing these kinds of underlays, unwanted odors will gradually begin to emit in the area of the pad. Such odors can be very unpleasant especially for an area which you will be spending most of your time in.

By going the extra mile and spending just a little bit more on a higher quality pad, it will end up being a better investment financially and for you and your families health.

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