Picture of Bamboo Silk Rug at a front view
Bamboo Silk Rug Cleaning is actually the newest fine rug cleaning method we will describe because bamboo silk is the newest material used when designing and hand knotting a fine high quality rug. Unlike Oriental Rug Cleaning where the materials used have been in use since the dawn of civilization Bamboo Silk is a new twist on an old material. Being a new fiber in the rug market, there have been many issues in cleaning this new material of rugs. Bamboo silk has poised a problem for many rug cleaners, not knowing how to properly wash the rugs. Improper cleaning of bamboo silk rugs usually leads to hardening and stiffness as a result of cleaning these rugs without any experience or knowledge.

If you were to ask the average Professional Carpet and Rug Cleaner what a Bamboo Silk Rug was made from the answers you’d receive might range from, Bamboo and Silk to Only Silk or even I’m not sure. In actuality Bamboo Silk Rugs are made from a combination of real Bamboo and fine wool. This unique combination of materials produces a fine high quality rug that will generally last as long, if not longer, than any other fine crafted Oriental or Persian rug.

Yet because bamboo is added it must be treated with care so as to not loose the luster that first gained your attention. Again never use modern rug and carpet cleaning methods such as high pressure steam cleaning as this may actually destroy your fine rug.

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