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Why Area Rug Cleaning is Recommended every 2 years?

Area rugs are one of the most underrated household items. They endure a lot of wear and tear being walked on, sat on, and taking on the abuses of day to day home activities. Out of all the household items, area rugs are one of the most durable, they withstand all this wear, some better than others, all while adding character and beauty to your room. All the weathering that your area rugs are accompanied with the accumulation of dirt, dust, and bacteria. Just like any person or some products there comes a time to get washed or cleaned. This cannot be more so true than for area rugs or oriental rugs. Area rugs are in a prime spot where the most dirt, dust, and germs can gather and grow. As much as this is disgusting, it is very true. For this reason and more we recommend at the very least to have your area rugs undergo a professional area rug cleaning service every 2 years. Many believe that just a weekly or monthly vacuuming chore will be enough to keep your rugs clean for many months and even years to come. Although we generally recommend vacuuming your area rugs once every month, this does not eliminate the need for a professional area rug cleaning service.

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