We travel around the world to bring Scottsdale and Phoenix area residents the finest area rugs available. But my most precious rug actually came into my possession from a private collector in Prescott Valley. The Ali Shaw Rug.       This beautiful area rug is over two thousand years old. It is a depiction of a ruler in the middle east “Ali Shaw”. Each image within the rug has specific meaning and this rug would have been a highly valued possession.

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Traditional Area Rugs

Tradition rugs of the area around the Middle East during this time period would only depict individuals of high status. The medallions above the head, to the left and right let us know his name and position in life. Ali Shaw. Or King Ali. The center piece is, the image of the person, The Shaw, or King.


We can not say how accurately the image is but, it would seem as if The Shaw was a well, full featured man in his middle years. His face appearing more round and full, rather than thin and angular.


Shaw Ali wears a Crown of Office, holds in his hand a reed of Religious significance, under his left arm is a shoulder bag. I find this bag to be quite intriguing as I have little knowledge of it’s meaning. Although we can be sure that it is of particular significance as it is portrayed so visibly.


The image of the Lion above The Shaw’s head with the Sun Rising is very much of interest. The Lion naturally is a symbol of both Royalty and Strength. Even more so as the Lion is depicted wielding a large curved Scimitar, or sword. A scimitar being the weapon of choice in the Middle East from that time and beyond into this century. Only those of a particular ruling elite would have been able to afford such a weapon of war.

The rising sun behind the lion may have symbolized again the power of this particular Shaw. Surely it would have been a symbol of strength and prosperity as in the agrarian culture nothing can grow or prosper without the benefits of the sun. In addition the sun appears to be just rising behind the lion, so this may have been in the early stage of Shaw Ali’s reign. This may have been a symbol of the hoped for long reign of the Shaw. Just as the sun rises early in the morning and stays for many hours during the day bringing warmth, comfort, light, and prosperity. So too does this rug give us an indication of the hoped for wealth of goodness the reign of Shaw Ali may have brought to his kingdom.

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Come and visit us in Scottsdale just minutes from Phoenix AZ. We have The Ali Shaw Rug on display and you can view the thousands of area rugs we have from the world over. Traditional and Modern rugs from the Middle East to the latest fashionable Contemporary rugs from Europe. Not to mention traditional Native American rugs. We look forward to visiting with you soon.


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