For all of us living in the great country we know as United States of America, we know that we are all very blessed to be in such a country. Many people dream to be living in the America we know and love so much. There are many obvious reasons that makes our country praised and revered by so many around the world and giving such individuals and families a like the aspiration to move into this extraordinary country.

So why are so many intrigued by The United States of America? Well in fact there many reasons. It all starts with Freedom, which is one of the most decisive factors that lead people to making a choice to immigrating to our country. Freedom is such an empowering feature of America and it is something that many take for granted. Freedom is not a tangible object, but it is one of the most valuable facet that a human being can possess. Unfortunately this freedom has been taken away from many people who live in different countries around the world. America is seen as a gold mine for this through the eyes of so many. Freedom of Speech is another attribute that closely relates to this topic of freedom. It is the very essence of freedom itself and is an important part of America. Being able to think the way you think, believe in what you believe in, and have freedom within reason is something that was unheard of just a few centuries ago.
Another reason what makes America the country it is today is the notion of The Land of Opportunity, which I’m sure many have heard of at some point. This is what drives the American economy and is considered to be one aspect of what makes the economic system of The United States. Our country welcomes the mind of the talented, intelligent, and wealth seekers. This is not only to create more jobs and allow our economy to be more stable, to grow, and to reduce unemployment, but to make this country empowering in introducing innovation, advancements in technology, and have a strong economy. Our country strives on the bright and energetic people, which is what allows America to push to new boundaries and give birth to new opportunities.
We are truly blessed to be living in The United States of America.

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