5 Oriental Rug Cleaning Enemies

Owning an Oriental Rug or Carpet is a special honor once reserved for Sheikhs, Kings, Queens, and Rulers. Even today few people the world over can boast that they have fine high quality floor and wall coverings hand crafted in exotic far away lands. As always, whenever you possess some precious commodity you will have enemies. Listed below are the 5 oriental rug cleaning enemies. Oriental Rug Cleaning Enemies most likely to ruin your Oriental Rugs.

1. Dirt. Enemy number one is dirt. Most often we do not realize how powerful an enemy dirt is to our floor coverings. Dirt is comprised of both organic materials and small often microscopic pieces of minerals. These minerals were once larger pieces of rock. These small minerals are not soft and smooth but, hard sharp tiny rocks that over time will cut and grind away at the natural fibers of your area rugs and carpeting. Because of the knotted construction of any Oriental Rug it can easily hold a large amount of dirt without appearing to be dirty.

Imagine if you will placing a pure white piece of cloth anywhere on your floor and leave it there for a month or so. Walk on it as you would your carpet. How long before that white fabric becomes first a light grey then a darker color until it becomes completely black in certain high traffic areas of the rug? The dark discoloration consists primarily of tiny minerals that dig into and grind away at the fabric. Cleaning your Oriental Rug maintains not only the color and beauty of your floor covering but, will allow your rug to last long enough for you to pass it along to a younger generation.

2. Carpet Cleaners. Yes this is true. We at PV Rugs have over the years seen many fine rugs ruined by inexperienced carpet cleaners using modern machines and harsh chemical cleaners. Sadly some of the carpets and area rugs brought in to us for repair that have been damaged by carpet cleaners can never be brought back to the original beauty the rug once had. Not only did these people loose much of the beauty of their rugs they lost much of the investment that they once had in their rugs. Careful hand washing is the only way to both ensure your rug is cleaned thoroughly and to protect your investment.

3. Pet Stains. Accidents do happen even with the most well trained and well behaved pets. Pet stains left untreated properly will cause damage such as discoloration due to dye bleeding and even rot. If your pet has an accident after you remove the bulk of the problem we recommend complete cleaning as soon as possible. This can hopefully prevent an even costlier repair in the future.

4. Moths. Arizona has more than it’s share of moths. Moths lay eggs that when hatched have a feast on the natural materials woven into the fabric of your Oriental Rugs. Wool, silks, and cottons are natural foods for moths and their young. While it may not be possible to prevent moths from coming into your home being aware of the potential dangers will allow you to occasionally inspect your rugs for moths and prevent any major damage that moths and their larvae may pose to the overall health of your area rugs and carpeting.

5. Water Damage. Often rugs may need to be stored for a lengthy period of time. Water damage may come from even the humidity in the air during our monsoon seasons. This water can cause the natural materials of your area rugs and carpets to begin to get what it termed wet rot. When unnoticed this wet rot will spread larger and larger causing to spend money to have your floor coverings repaired. Water damage left unchecked may also lead to mold damage. Mold may not only damage and discolor forever the materials your rugs are made from but, it may also effect your health.

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